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What just happened?

valpo12bballgurl (3:09:18 PM): Hey what's up? 24/F here. You?
Dean Winchester (3:16:42 PM): Don't need to bring age into it, do we?
valpo12bballgurl (3:16:50 PM): Hmm. Have we chatteed before?
Dean Winchester (3:17:15 PM): Don't think so. I would've remembered. You a friend of Sammy's?
valpo12bballgurl (3:17:23 PM): Oh ok. Sorrry. l wasn't sure.
valpo12bballgurl (3:17:31 PM): But anywaysss.... What are u up too?
Dean Winchester (3:18:32 PM): Relaxing, taking time off. Got a right to do that sometimes.
valpo12bballgurl (3:18:39 PM): Ah. lm Iike super bored.
valpo12bballgurl (3:18:54 PM): l was thinking about gettting on web-cam but l'm not sure. lf l do wilIl you come and watch me?
Dean Winchester (3:20:27 PM): Web-cam. That is damn tempting.
valpo12bballgurl (3:20:39 PM): Ok cooIl. WeIlI its setup through this webbsite so that no one can recorrd me.
valpo12bballgurl (3:20:45 PM): ls that ok wiith u?
Dean Winchester (3:22:33 PM): Oh, hell no. I'm not gettin' tripped up like that. My brother'd kill me if he even knew I was on his laptop. He already tried once, awhile back. But I'll be thinking about you, doing whatever it is you'll be doing.
valpo12bballgurl (3:22:41 PM): Mmmmk. Just go right here
valpo12bballgurl (3:22:57 PM): Then cIlick on the goIden button at the top that says JOIlN FREE and siqnup so u can watch me. Ok?
Dean Winchester (3:23:55 PM): Much as I'd love to watch you, that ain't gonna work out.
valpo12bballgurl (3:24:11 PM): It does ask for a credit card during signup but dont worry it dosent charge the card its just to make sure your over 18.
valpo12bballgurl (3:24:23 PM): When u r finished and get in then searrch for MlSS_Juicy and hit VlIEW CAM. Ok?
Dean Winchester (3:25:04 PM): You don't take no for an answer, do you, you little spitfire.
valpo12bballgurl (3:25:20 PM): Ok babe hurry up and u can join mee in priivate or tip me some goIld and i wiIlI do anything u ask me.
valpo12bballgurl (3:25:27 PM): l mean ANYTHlING. loI
Dean Winchester (3:26:10 PM): This sounds more like something Sammy'd be into. Nothing against you, sweetheart, but I can get chicks to do just about anything anyway, in person.
valpo12bballgurl (3:26:20 PM): Lets taIlk on the site babee im getting off of here.
Dean Winchester (3:26:38 PM): You have fun. I'll tell Sammy his web-cam girlfriend said hi.

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